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  Richard Hatch well known actor who makes changes in his life after Battle Star Galactica and adapting to new ways of life and travels with his friends and son.

Michael Wehrhahn Filmaker from NJ with changes of life and struggles as he travels down that road with his good friends and buddies.

A childhood actor and fitness enthusiast taking roles in the daytime soaps , Michael is well know in the fitness arena and martial arts movies, and one of the few who can strike the Van Damme pose in which hes so widely is known for. Michael now a full time producer in hollywood and China still un married shows how hard it is to hold down a relationship in this crazy lifestyle.

Jean Williams AKA "Jeano" The Groups caretaker and ring leader. She the one who keeps them all grounded.

Jeano is the detail person, the glue and the sounding board for all the personalities of the gang.

Derek Conley , a Hometown southern Boy embraced the Renaissance fair scene as a swashbuckling, vengeful
fighter with sword and knife, he has preformed his own duels for the enjoyment of many fair goers.

After school he decided that he would try out for the few good men JOB and as a Marine served with honor. Coming home with the added knowledge of modern weapons, warfare strategy, he decided to follow in hos fathers footsteps in the law enforcement field.

The man to trust to protect and serve. A true renaissance man Derek teaches stage combat, writes and choreographs many of the scenes in the new HUNTED: Vindication web series. found on Facebook.
Paul Hatch, the only son of Richard Hatch lives under the radar in LA.

Paul is a struggling single guy, who writes and performs his own music trying to make it in the land of glitz. Paul is thinking of making a life change, go into the military
go back to school? Its time to make more money and stay true to my music. life isn't easy in LA.

        Season 2


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